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New York has a very aggressive market. Buyers are more educated than ever, and the market is very competitive and moves very quickly.  How can I make my home stand out? What are the best ways to market my home? How do I find the right buyer? These are all questions to keep in your arsenal when interviewing a potential listing agent. Then there are the infamous real estate websites. Almost every home buyer is searching the internet for weeks before they muster up the courage to actually go see a listing. This is a game changer. An online presence is the most important marketing tool. People who believe differently, just don’t have their fingers on the pulse of the 2016 real estate market.

The Napolitano Team at ReMax Metro always provides the following 6 services to ensure that our listings get the right amount of exposure, attract desired buyers, and most of all stand out in a sea of online advertisements.

  1. Professional Photos – One of the first steps in selling your home, and quite possibly the most important. I suggest to all of my clients, working with professional photographer for any listing. Online advertising and marketing is all visual. The right photos will attract the highest level of exposure online. From properties that need tons of renovations, to fully upgraded homes, pictures will help convert the initial view into a viable offer.
  1. Basic Info – The property’s basic information must be complete and concise. Square footage, length X width, lot size, bedroom/bathroom count, finished basement, etc. Think about it from the buyer’s point of view. What questions would you ask about a property? If tall the property’s information is laid out, you have a greater chance of drawing in only interested buyers.
  1. Highlight Unique Features – Anything from a Sub Zero refrigerator to Bamboo floors should be mentioned. Don’t go overboard if you have tons of upgrades, but for sure mention the ones that would attract the most attention.
  1. Mention ANY Outdoor Space – If you are above the average (for example 3 car driveway or 200 sq. ft. terrace or a trellised yard) you want to emphasize these unique outdoor features. From parking, to backyards, to roof decks and terraces, New Yorkers are limited on their outdoor space, everything should be listed.
  1. Provide a Floor Plan – Buyers always ask for one, and lots of agents don’t like to provide them. I suggest otherwise. If your agent doesn’t want to post floor plans, tell them you want to provide one at the showings. Don’t be fooled by common agent excuses for not providing one! If the buyer doesn’t like the layout when they arrive to a showing, it’s a waste of your time. You don’t see many homes or apartments listed online with floor plans, so your will stand out and allow the buyers to take a closer look at your home.
  1. Give a Brief Description of the Neighborhood – It always helps when the home owner is proud of their neighborhood. It makes the buyer feel reassured in their decision to move to that part of the city. New Yorkers are ALL about neighborhoods, whether you love Hell’s Kitchen, have been thinking about moving to Forest Hills or have heard all the buzz about Bay Ridge, everyone talks about their home search based on WHERE in the city they want to live. Reinforce their good choice to move to your neighborhood.

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