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Small Cleaning Tips That Make a Big Difference

There are a few things that most of us overlook while cleaning our homes that make the biggest
difference. These few tips will help revamp your living space to take it from old and dull to new and
sparkling. Not only will this help make your place look better and more welcoming to guests but it will

One place that is overlooked can be found above your stove, and that is the range hood. The
hood fan’s purpose is to collect grease so it’s a good idea to clean it at least twice a year. You can do this
by pulling the wire mesh grate filter out from under the hood, soak it in warm soapy water rinse, and
insert it back inside. Then you can use a gentle cleaner on the outside of the hood for getting rid of any
oil splatters.

You will be surprised at how much brighter your lights will be once you’ve cleaned them. Just as
a stronger stream of light comes through freshly cleaned windows– the same idea can be applied to
your bulbs. Gently wiping the dust off of your lightbulb will make them brighter but a thorough cleaning
will be more effective. If you cannot remove your light casings or they are too hard to remove, a glass
cleaner should be enough to allow your lightbulbs to shine through. If you can remove your fixtures,
however, it’s best to wash them with soap and water to really allow things to brighten up.

To prevent dust from flying around your house with each turn, cleaning your ceiling fan is a
quick and simple solution. Sliding a pillowcase around each blade and then wiping will remove the dust
into each case and then they can be thrown the wash when you’re done.

Two things in your household that are meant to collect germs but can also start spreading germs
and unpleasant odor if not properly taken care of are your garbage cans and your cleaning tools. Using a
surface cleaner and disinfectant inside and outside of your garbage cans and rinsing them off will take
care of this issue. Cleaning your brooms and mops will also help avoid spreading dirt and germs. Just hit
the bristles of your broom against a hard surface to get rid of debris and then soak the head of the
broom in dish soap for an hour before rinsing and air drying. A mop can be soaked in a bucket of warm
water with bleach or vinegar and then rinse and dry for your next use.

The big picture is incomplete without the small details! Happy cleaning!

SHERI SOLTAN, Director of First Impressions, RE/MAX Edge

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