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    Value as an Anchor…

    By Remax Edge | August 1, 2019

    On Monday evening, I walked out of my friend’s house, turn my phone on and was immediately faced with a barrage of messages running on our company’s chat room. Those messages weren’t uplifting or hopeful. It seems that one of our remote assistants has passed away that morning. She was a young, vibrant woman but... Read More

    Brooklyn Market – February 2019

    By Remax Edge | February 17, 2019

    Preparing for Market Correction All roads lead to change in the months and years to come. As we move through the first quarter of 2019 Brooklyn Real Estate sales are showing signs of potential correction as we top the market on sales price in every neighborhood from Williamsburg to South Brooklyn. Most notable in the... Read More

    How to permanently remove the smell of cigarette smoke from your home

    By Remax Edge | February 3, 2019

    The bad odor of cigarettes is infamous for being tough to get rid of and it is definitely not a selling point for the value of one’s home. If your previous owners or you have smoked inside the house, there are some tips you can follow in order to make it smell better. The carcinogenic... Read More

    Small Cleaning Tips That Make a Big Difference

    By Remax Edge | January 16, 2019

    There are a few things that most of us overlook while cleaning our homes that make the biggest difference. These few tips will help revamp your living space to take it from old and dull to new and sparkling. Not only will this help make your place look better and more welcoming to guests but... Read More

    Brooklyn Market 2019

    By Remax Edge | January 15, 2019

    Brooklyn Market 2019 Calling all real estate sales people 2019 is the year of great change! Or Is it? As we continue to monitor market changes and factors, we are seeing some not so old trends crop up along with a few new ones. But what exactly are these trends an indication of?  Here is... Read More

    How Owning or Selling a Home Affects Your Taxes

    By Lawrence Goldstein | March 5, 2017

    Owning a home is exciting, challenging and the biggest investment of many people’s lives. It’s also a good way to reduce your tax bill. Home-related tax breaks begin as soon as you close on your new abode and last throughout your time in the house. But to maximize them, you need to follow some rules. A... Read More

    Home Shopping Mistakes to Avoid in Winter

    By Yvonna Liu | January 12, 2017

    Winter can be a great time to snag a deal in real estate. But there are several pitfalls home buyers will want to watch for at this time of year. Here are a few: Accumulating too much holiday debt. The holidays can be an easy time to add on more debt. But if you’re in... Read More

    Simple Tips to Sell Your Home for the Right Price This Summer

    By Yvonna Liu | July 18, 2016

    If you are considering putting your home on the market, summer may be the perfect time. The frenzy of the spring buying season has ended, meaning there are fewer houses listed and competing for buyers’ attention. Tax refunds have been sent out, so potential buyers who have been saving for a down payment may now... Read More

    “First-Time Homebuyer? How to Tell If You’re Ready”

    By Patrick Morreale | July 8, 2016

    How’s your job? Love your work and see yourself staying put for the next 10 years? Or do you dread the commute, hate what you do and frequently scan job boards? Oh, and how’s your love life? If a far-away job beckons or you decide you’re ready for marriage after all, you don’t want to... Read More


    By John Amaturo | June 22, 2016

      New York has a very aggressive market. Buyers are more educated than ever, and the market is very competitive and moves very quickly.  How can I make my home stand out? What are the best ways to market my home? How do I find the right buyer? These are all questions to keep in... Read More